Tijuana River Valley Invasive Plant Control Program

Why are they dangerous?

  • Threaten wildlife

       Because the can out-compete native plants and provide few resources            themselves, they reduce the habitat quality for native animals.

  • Diminish outdoor recreation

       Because the can cover trails and landscapes, they reduce the outdoor             enjoyment for horseback riders, hikers and birders.

  • Increase chance and wildfires

       Because the produce more fuel for fires than the natives they replace,              they increase the chance of a catastrophic wildfire.

  • Reduce water resources

       Because the can consume enormous quantities of water, they reduce the         supply available to native plants animals and humans.

How can you help stop them?

  • Learn to identify the worst invaders
  • DonĀ“t use invasive plant in your garden or landscaping
  • Never dump plants, soil or rubble anywhere in the Tijuana River Valley