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The Goat Canyon watershed crosses the U.S./Mexico border near the Goat Canyon Quarry site. Approximately 90% of this 4.6 square mile watershed occurs in Mexico where uncontrolled land uses have resulted in severe erosion and associated sedimentation that threatens the TETRP restoration area. It is estimated that since the mid-1980’s more than 30 acres of salt marsh has been buried by sediment conveyed by winter floods.

While these floods have destroyed salt marsh and riparian habitat, they have nurtured the development of a mosaic of native and non-native plant species. This mosaic supports numerous wildlife species, including the endangered least Bell’s vireo, presenting a challenge to plans to control the flow of sediment.

A project to construct sediment management basins in Goat and a new access road to the ocean was developed in 2001. Final preparations are underway with construction targeted for Fall 2003.